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By connecting to PageOne, you can have your automated system messages distributed by SMS, pager message or even to landlines to make sure that faults, critical notifications or system outages are not ignored.

System integration

Easily integrate messaging to your advanced systems monitoring software using standard protocols such as SMPP, SNPP, TAP, and SOAP/XML to improve the functionality. Notification messages can be sent to your team, calling for a rapid response. Can be used on an unlimited number of applications.

Multi-device messaging

Notification messages can be sent as SMS text message alerts to any mobile phone around the world, email and all UK paging networks. Messages can be sent to an individual device, broadcast to any combination of mobiles, pagers and emails to allow you to alert an entire team or apply an escalation hierarchy, depending on the scale of the problem.

Management tools

Web-Based account for an administrator to view full logs of all sent alerts and online messaging. Account features include historic reporting, predefined message templates, creating online groups for simultaneous notification, divert options and an address book all available via a web-based account.

2-way Messaging: Remote Control

Responding from monitoring stations, remote equipment and mobile phones is simple. Use reply messages to action a programmed response remotely.

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