Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a term used for the process of requiring a user to verify their identity in two unique ways to grant access to systems.

The technology is not new – it was conceived back in 1984. With the advent of online banking and financial management, the loss of data can have dire consequences today more than ever, and so two-factor authentication protects against the threats of hacking and data theft. With two factor authentication for finance, the account cannot be accessed without knowing the method used as the second factor, and also having access to the second factor such as dynamically generated one-time password, SMS authentication, or biological token.

There are different ways to implement two factor authentications for online banking, and they all increase the security of user accounts, including SMS authentication.

SMS token authentication

This method is common, and involves a unique token being sent to the user via an SMS text message.


  • User-friendly – most users have phones, and are comfortable receiving a text message
  • Availability – the majority of phones have SMS capability
  • Cost – inexpensive to set up and maintain

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