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PageOne makes the case for investing in two-way paging

London, 07 August, 2012 – With an expected influx of over 950,000 spectators and sportsmen descending on London for the 2012 Olympics, the demand on Britain’s emergency services to maintain high service levels is greater than ever before. In response to the added pressures of the Games and a period of major cuts and austerity, PageOne Communications, the UK’s leading provider of mobile messaging solutions to the public and enterprise sectors, has today released a white paper entitled “The business case for investing in two-way paging”.

The white paper outlines how two-way paging can help organisations improve resource management and productivity, as well as the coordination and mobilisation of resources. The paper continues to drive home the importance of interoperability as a key enabler, hence the two-way pager’s ability to integrate with existing
infrastructures to offer more flexible methods of working. Finally the paper looks at future enhancements such as dual frequency scanning, all whilst conveying an underlying theme of efficiency savings, be it financial, environmental or through better asset management.

Now into the second full week of the London 2012 Games, two-way paging technology has already provided the emergency services, and organisations concerned with delivering critical messaging, a robust and assured channel of communication. Ultimately, the effectiveness of any emergency response can be broken down into three factors; the ability to receive, respond to, and act upon, timely information; key attributes the 2-way paging is able to offer. Lessons learnt from the 7/7 London attacks have reinforced the role of paging, particularly with regards to critical communications. Exclusively MTPAS enabled, the two-way paging devices called 2-way Responders also presents an additional element of resilience should the mobile networks become over-subscribed, and public access restricted.

“We’ve seen a clear increase in demand for the 2-way Responder, and in light of concerns stemming from the stability of the mobile networks during the Olympic Games, the requirement has intensified even further,” says Chris Jones, CEO of PageOne Communications. “The white paper provides a sound argument for individuals interested in two-way paging technology, but need to provide their peers or key decision makers with a comprehensive guide to the long term benefits and cost savings that can be achieved.”

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