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Value added services

PageOne supply a range of valued added services to complement and enhance your existing customer interactive messaging capability.

Long Codes

Long Codes enable your systems with a two-way SMS capability, providing all the benefits of a dedicated SMS Short Code at a fraction of the cost.  Like Short Codes they can be used with the Campaign Manager web console and or linked directly to your existing software in combination with our range of integration APIs.

SMS Alpha Tags

Alpha tags allow your business to brand its messaging by tagging your messages with a unique alphanumeric sender ID, typically in the form of your own brand or company name. This tag will appear as the ‘from’ address on a recipient’s handset, letting recipients know immediately whom the message is from.

Short Code keywords

Additional keywords for standard rate and Freetext can be added to your Campaign Manager or SOAP account, so that additional campaigns to launched quickly and easily.

Getting closer to your customers

If you would like more information about our range of products and services contact us today to speak to one of our customer interactive messaging specialists.

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Short Codes

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