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In past blog posts we’ve talked about how SMS can help with various issues facing the UK education community at the moment, such as communications during lockdown and crisis management. However, we haven’t touched on how we’ve helped institutions using the power of SMS messaging.

SMS messaging has a wide range of applications that can be used in many different parts of your institution. Sending large, or targeted campaigns is an example. Janet txt does this via a feature called Campaign Manager. Campaign Manager allows you to set up keywords that either prompt a response message or add the recipient to a subscriber list, or both, depending on how you choose to set the system up. This allows you to send out fully automated messages 24/7. There are many uses for Campaign Manager, such as surveys to collect data on student satisfaction, adding contacts to call back lists for missed appointments, or creating text assistance lines for student safeguarding and wellbeing.

We have set up campaigns that can help colleges and universities support their student’s mental health and wellbeing, provide academic support, and monitor student’s engagement via bi-weekly engagement check-ins. We’ve even set up a translation campaign for important messages that need to be sent out to students, using key words to send translated versions of the message out! One of the most notable uses we found was utilising SMS campaigns to attract new students by sending them links to prospectuses and answer their open day questions.

Coventry University made use of the Janet txt Campaign Manager to raise their open day attendance rate by 200%, with 15% of students responding to advertising campaigns. Coventry University also saw a 17.6% increase in applications year on year while using Campaign Manager. It’s incredibly easy to send out mass marketing campaigns that are interactive and sent directly to the target audience’s phone, making them far more visible than email marketing as people look at their phones 150 times per day on average. If you want to find out more about how other institutions have used our SMS service, you can take a look at our case studies here.

While these are just a few examples of how Janet txt and SMS messaging has helped the UK education community in the past, the applications for SMS messaging can go far beyond what has been done previously, and we urge you to think creatively about how you can use SMS for your institution. Text messaging offers a wide range of uses from administration to student support and wellbeing, making it an invaluable tool that helps keep your students connected while helping your institution’s business continuity and operations.

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